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Hotel for Dogs

“Hotel for Dogs” is about as derisive a work that you can get without going down the “Alvin and Chipmunks” road where your hideous talking animals are designed with an in-built business strategy. But I’m a fan of taking things and making them better by changing their entire premise. This is the pitch for Harry Dean’s “Hotel for Dogs”.

“Hotel for Dogs” is a tense political fictional documentary that will make you re-examine the way you see people, and let you into a world you didn’t know existed.

And that world is the prison next to the Hague Court for War Criminals. This is the Hotel for Dogs. The film follows a series of war criminals waiting to be tried – and go through their last ‘free’ days before they become fully convicted criminals and are most likely to be locked away for the rest of their lives. Some are in denial and believe they will be found innocent of all charges, others are trying to come to terms with the atrocities they committed. We also get delve into the minds of the guards and judges – those innocents who spend their lives surrounded by the dregs of humanity – the rare people that mankind feels that are should be better removed from the annals of history.

The film will touch on topics of sin, imprisonment, forgiveness, when you have gone beyond forgiveness and finally the blind eye that society has taken before to these people.

I think that’s about everything. I have a vague idea for characters, and I also have a plan for a sequel – “Hotel for Dogs 2: the Business of Evil”.



My Avatar in Second Life.

My Avatar in Second Life.

Here it is! Take it! OHH YEAAAAH.


Oh, that’s right. I’ve got one of these blog things.

I had completly forgotten over christmas. Here’s some silly ideas that’s I’m placing on the internet so if I ever see anyone do them, I thought of them first.

1. The Harry Dean Spitfire Movement – I’m trying to raise money to firstly learn to fly and then purchase a spitfire. Fortunatly, Dave has said he’ll go half way on it. So, Dave wait for a few years and then BAM! You’ll owe me 65 Thousand Pounds.
2. Bumper Cars that are REAL cars. You can’t cut me up if I’ve got a bumper car.
3. Noir Glasses. I want to make some glasses that stop all colour. Instant 1930’s film-o-vision.

That last one will make me rich, and I’m desperatly trying to figure out how I go about it, because I really really want them.


A Break From Immaturity

And so here it is, a post of some actual, dare I say it, substance?

 Apparetly I do. Well, here’s the incomplete mess that I made for my one day project. I call it an incomplete mess mostly because of my neurotic need for it to be finished; which it is not. But partially because it’s the first image I’ve made in photoshop. Ever. And as such, is a little sketchy.

 It's my one day project. Woo.

There we go. Have a butchers. (I use that phrase because I find second generation cockney ryhming slang and endless source of amusement.)

 Now, for those of you who aren’t on my course, either as student or teacher (Why are you here exactly if you are not? I’m yet to produce anything approaching blog worthy.), our one day project entailed us having to create an image that realated to

1. Nature and Technology – The overarching theme of our project.

2. A word from a wide selection. I chose the word depth after considerable deliberation. Deliberation that was made significantly easier by the fact that my other concepts were so far over my ability, I can’t come up with an analogy far fetched enough.

But if I were to make one, it would involve dirt bikes and giraffes.

I went for my first response to depth, the deep deep sea. It’s a fact that interests me no end that we reach for the stars while most of our ocean is as yet unexplored.

Incoming Tangent – Prepare for sidetracking.

I think it’s because man is so ingrained with the aspiration – the upwards motion that we head towards the stars. It’s a saying, and you don’t get more proof of collective concensus than them, really. “Reach for the Stars!” is far more catchy than “Explore the Ocean!” afterall.

At a more base level, space travel is a direct continuation of man’s wishes. Man can walk. Man can swim. Man cannot fly. And so we build great towers of iron and throw them at the stars to see what we can knock down. 

Not to mention, when you couple space travel with the large amounts of rocket fuel and as a result fire and controlled explosions, space travel is far more appealing. Because it goes wooosh, not splash. And woosh is more fun.

 Tangent Complete!

So, I concieved the idea of (There I used the word concieved because it links organic qualities with my technological goal. Nature and Technology! Woah!) a single diver in an endless ocean, staggering under a huge suit while fish dart around the dark with ease. He’d be in an atmospheric Victorian era diving suit because they’re far more iconic and I love Victorian things. (See Subtitle for more information!) I wanted things to glow because otherwise you have this feel that it’s just been placed on top of a sea. Somehow, my mind is more willing to intergrate the two images if I make one more distant.

On a boring analysis note, it also serves as to emphasise the diver’s seperation from the ocean.

And that’s all I can really be bothered to write on it. It’s 2 in the morning, afterall.