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I’m not dead I’m just dissapointed.

That’s right, I’m not dead. I’d like to say that I’ve not been blawging on account of my major project, but that would be a lie. Admittedly, I’ve been doing a lot of major stuff, and that has taken time away from me


The fact that this is a legitimate market strategy makes me upset. Very upset. Dante Alighieri was a 14th century poet who’s first part of the liturgical boon that is The Divine Comedy is a masterpiece dealing with concept issues relating to religion, morality, social inequality and surprisingly little scythe-wielding hack and slash action.

I’ve done my research – I’m not just some johnny-come-lately wanting to rant on video games because it’s a confirmed and easy niche for blogging – I follow everything about video gaming. I follow market trends, release dates, employment statuses and anything I can get my hands on.

‘Dante’s Inferno’, as released by EA games is about a 12th Century Crusader, who’s wife is murdered by the devil in exchange for Dante’s sins. He then is confronted by the Grim Reaper who is then beaten into a coma by Dante wielding a polearm, and then is cut in half by his own scythe. Dante then pushes his way through the nine levels of hell, hacking and slashing his way through various sinners. Who go…somewhere. (Seriously, if you’re dead, and get killed, where do you go?)

I’ve also been told by many people that I can’t judge a book by it’s cover – I’m not entitled to complain about something when I’ve not played it. I still maintain that shooting myself in the leg will hurt based on information I’ve gathered, and this is not treated in a similar manner. But I’ve played it. I played the demo and wow. Outside of massive mistakes from a literary perspective, Dante’s Inferno is a poor game.

The hack and slash genre is one of my favorites. Moving from that, I really enjoy the style fighter. Dante’s Inferno is a bad game.
The combat is boring, and has a fantastically short list of moves. Sure – the move list can be increased, far further than I could get in the demo – but still, a short and samey list.
The basic enemies are this bizarre mix of cannon fodder and annoying pest. Their colour scheme is just right so that they blend in with 80% of the game’s backgrounds, leading to a number of cheap hits. At the same time, you can grab any enemy and instant kill him, through either an underwhelming, supposedly gore-tastic move, or through a redemption move – where the power of christ flashes blue and turns them to light. This is accompanied by the world’s most popular feature – a button mashing to remove a particular enemy from the face of hell.
People don’t like button tapping like that. That’s not say you can’t have button tapping and it be fun. Let’s hold up two games released in the same year. We have Bayonetta – a hack and slash game made by Platinum Games – a game released in January of 2010. The game features ‘Torture Moves’ – where a button is mashed to the point of disappearing from your controller for damage and in game finance. Here’s a picture.

A torture move

These differ for every enemy type in the game.

Meanwhile we’ve got Dante’s Inferno.
Amazing Light Blast

Prepare to see this a lot if you want to be a 'good guy'.

The games enemy designs, for what I saw were dull and uninspired. Dante does at least stick out – the number one mistake you could have made in a hack and slash, but he sticks out be he not all BLACK. That’s not a good design choice, right there.

But this has taken too long.

Curses on it all. Boring story, boring moves, more pretend lady chesticles in the demo than in the rest of my gaming career.



The First Talk of Project

Well, it’s about time that I start talking about my project on this – this is the main reason for this re-emergence of my blawg anyway.

Now, my project for those of you who don’t know (and I wager that everyone who read this does) is a four player, networked first person shooter with usb applications made in unity focused around the concept of betrayal.

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it just? So in order to explain, I’ll go through element by element.

Four Player – Well, I’ve wanted to do something that was multi-player for forever – I wanted something more than a game and I certainly wanted it to be more of a sociable activity than a one player experience – I always intended to do an exhibition piece and I think you can make more of a connection with people in a short time. So, in some regards, it’s an exhibition design choice. The fact that’s it’s four player will come in a bit – just not now. Also, it should be known that I wanted my last project to be multi-player and was (thankfully) told to stop it because that was silly.

Networked – Because of the visualization of the project, and the fact that it was an exhibition piece, it had to be networked. Also, screw net code. I’m new to any sort of multiplayer and the idea of internet play scares me a lot. Tell you the truth, this is the part I’m least confident about.

First Person Shooter – Again, this is an experience choice more than it is anything else. This game could work in third person, and it could even work in something like a 2D platformer. But nothing gets a user involved quite like first person. People instinctively get involved when they see through a character’s eyes – and I want to draw people in as fast as possible. Also, I have to say, I’m not overly confident in my modeling skills (and as such have already outsourced to my wonderful and far more capable ladyfriend) and we can minimize exposure to crap textures by putting the user in that model.

USB – Now this is a bold and dangerous choice, and I can say now, first on the chopping block should deadlines loom. I wanted to get players more involved in the game, and this is a problem with video games. The medium manages to simultaneously cause a great level of suspended disbelief in players but they are very aware of their actions being fictitious – I wanted to add some real world consequence – as such I’m intending to make a usb tazer glove that will shock ‘killed’ players in order to make them aware that they’ve died.

Unity – I’m coding in Unity, and while this seems like a logical choice based on the lack of alternatives – we must remember that as of a couple of days ago, the Unreal 3 engine was released as a free indie tool. I’m quite scared of it, tell the truth, and I do have more experience in Unity. So, that’s that. In a long range thing, I suppose their could be potential for an Xbaux indie game – with cruel game score achievements like ‘Morally Reprehensible – Betray 30 players you have alliances with’ or ‘Nice but Dim – get betrayed 30 times’.

Betrayal – And here is the crux of the biscuit – my game is an investigation into the nature of trust and betrayal between friends or strangers – when removed of (most) consequence – how will people react? Are they willing to do things in a video game that they wouldn’t do in real life? And what does that actually say about them? I think it’s about as interesting a topic as I could explore. I can say for a fact that my next major blawg will be over my opinions on the matter.


That’s it for the meantime, it’s half three, after all. For the mean time, everyone should visit – and see lots more exciting projects. That’s everything for now. Auf Wiedersehn.


Oh yes, and it’s called S.B.I.B.