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Jeffery Chance – An introduction

So, I said I was going to do some more on this, and I did. I’m looking for critique here people. Step right up.

– To say it had been a long day would be a disservice to just how acutely long this day had been.

As he stretched out in his chair, Chance became very aware of just how tired every single muscle was in his body. His arms ached. His legs ached. His neck was putting in a special effort to ache a lot. With a heavy sigh, he turned back to his desk, rubbed his eyes and refocused on the loomed mountain of dead tree that Jeffery had jokingly titled ‘paperwork’. Pages threatened to loose themselves from the intricate filing system provided by gravity, every edge tatty and entirely covered in complicated scrawl. Jeffery pondered how it was exactly that for a person as unemployed as himself, he had so very much paperwork, before forcing himself to return to the actual task of doing his work rather than waxing lyrical about it.

The rain continued to beat down on the dirty windows of Chance’s office, as it seemingly had done for all of human memory. The moon was doing its best to add light where the desk’s angle-poised was failing to properly illuminate the task at hand, throwing huge shadows across the already darkened room. Long minutes passed and when Jeffery looked up at his clock, it informed him that it was entirely too late. He rose from his chair, pushing the latest bills and accounts back to the pile of eternally ‘to-do’. It appeared that the less work he had, the more work he forced himself to attempt. His paperwork had done its best to multiply and be as poorly organized as it could to supply him with work. It had done a good job.

With a significant yawn, he pushed back his chair as he rose, stretched again (much to the chagrin of his body), flicked off his desk light and headed for the door. The office had seen better days. Not many, and those weren’t that much better, but it had seen better. Autumn as it transpired, was not a good season for someone of Jeffery’s profession. Life as the world’s only freelance Cryptozoologist is trying at the best of times, but rainy days late in the year can really drive home how little better claiming to have a job is than being unemployed.

In summer, you at least had the passing interested parties. Those who want to just ask if you are serious. When it rains, everyone does up their coats and just walks right past the small and bizarre office on Smith Street. And yet everyday, Jeffery was there at 8:00 to turn the lights on, and set about his busy day of sit at his desk and wish for a client. He could have stayed at home, waited for a call, but to Jeffery that would be to accept failure. Failure is a lot harder to accept when the thing you’re failing at is your entire life’s work.

Jeffery walked across the room, locked the door, and then turned to the staircase, stepping over a pile of books and began his climb to his room. Maybe tomorrow there would be a client. Or maybe he could try and get another article published. Something – anything to alleviate the terrible boredom. Jeffery pushed his bedroom’s door open, and quickly got ready for long-overdue sleep. The bed was a wonderful sensation, and Jeffery quickly tried to dismiss any idea of dreaming – that would take away from the sleep he so deserved.
He closed his eyes, and drifted off into purest, dreamless sleep. Tomorrow was another day.

But life does not work that way when you are a freelance cryptozoologist. A wise man once said, “Fate does not come knocking, because sometimes a ghost will fly into your room and scream in your face at four in the morning, just as you’re falling asleep.”. And on this particular mid-morning, that is what happened.