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Status Report 2/12/09

So, let me lay this down on today, Wednesday the second.

Tell you the truth, I’m in a lull at the moment. Post the minor hand in, I’m in this bizarre place. I want to work, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t. I fear the work I could do would be rendered pointless by my presentation (8th) and at the same time, I fear that I’m not doing any bloody work.

It’s infuriating. My indecisiveness is becoming a problem, coupled with my bizarre deja-vu sickness (Imagine remembering something that didn’t happen and then being sick because you got a huge amount of extra sensory information) and I fear my project and dissertation are going to suffer.

But it is not all doom and gloom for me, far from it. As we all know the best thing for work? OTHER WORK. I have been (at times) freaking out over my major which means I have been doing a load of work on my own projects – namely Jeffery Chance. I don’t think I’ve talked about him up here, so now’s a time to. I’ll do a proper post tomorrow or something with art and so on. I’ll say this for the time being, it’s a point and click game and I love point and click games.