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Oh, that’s right. I’ve got one of these blog things.

I had completly forgotten over christmas. Here’s some silly ideas that’s I’m placing on the internet so if I ever see anyone do them, I thought of them first.

1. The Harry Dean Spitfire Movement – I’m trying to raise money to firstly learn to fly and then purchase a spitfire. Fortunatly, Dave has said he’ll go half way on it. So, Dave wait for a few years and then BAM! You’ll owe me 65 Thousand Pounds.
2. Bumper Cars that are REAL cars. You can’t cut me up if I’ve got a bumper car.
3. Noir Glasses. I want to make some glasses that stop all colour. Instant 1930’s film-o-vision.

That last one will make me rich, and I’m desperatly trying to figure out how I go about it, because I really really want them.