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Red Riding Hood, An Interactive Approach.

Last week, I was set the task of (in a group of 4) devising away of presenting an interpretation of Red Riding Hood in an interactive format.

Our group after relatively little discussion chose the first image. We then set about devising a way to present the story in an interactive fashion. I proposed that we have a series of interactive elements to show the rest of the story. I felt that it made the image interesting and gave the viewer access to all of the stories nodes without presenting them in a non-linear fashion.

The various nodes would be associated with areas of the picture that best represented those element of the story, that allowed the viewer to choose elements according to the areas that most appealed to them. To best explain the concept, I have this flowchart.


The bold line at the end is a chapter that I believed would only become available following viewing all of the other ‘chapters’.

The various nodes would be presented in similar stills with voice overs stating the part of the action. Upon completion of all the aditional nodes, the final area becomes ‘unlocked’. I believe that this is the best approach when one considers that the image displays an area of the narrative that is very close to the conclusion, and so the actual conclusion is held till the end to maintain some kind of chronological linearity.